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How you can pay

Choose your method:

What is Care Credit?

We want you to be able to care properly for your pets when

they need it the most. That is

why we have several  convenient pay options.

• Cash

• Check

• Visa

• MasterCard

• Discover

• Care Credit

When you need pet healthcare but don't have the funds, fill out an application online or in our office. This works like a line of credit for your animal's services. After you're approved, you can start using your card instantly.

Are you interested in pet health insurance?

When do you pay?

You never know when your animal will become ill or injured. Just like yourself and your children, when these emergencies arrive, you aren't always prepared for it when it comes to your budget. There are many types of pet health insurance available today. Talk to our staff about what would be right for you. You pay for any charges, and then you submit the bill to the insurance company for reimbursement.

Any services that you get from Village Veterinary Care must be paid for before you leave the office. If you need financing, call and speak to our helpful staff.


Take advantage of our full-service facility.

Leave our clinic with an understanding of how to properly care for your animal at home.

Enjoy the personal attention you get from our staff.

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